Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cagayan Valley (Lambak ng Cagayan)

It was early as February 2012 when we booked our ticket to Tuguegarao to visit the place of our cousin, sister of my mother at Tuao, Tuguegarao City. That's the very first reason why we are flying to. However, one time as we are watching TV,  Anguib Beach at Sta. Ana, Cagayan  was featured on a show. This a four-hour drive away from Tuguegarao City.

We have learned from the internet that there is also a cave at Penablanca, Cagayan Valley (Callao Cave) which later featured at ABS-CBN long-time running drama anthology "Maalaala Mo Kaya". It tackles about a young boy who is a certified tour guide on the said cave.

And we have come to a different itinerary. We have to see those places need to see and experience being tour guided by the young boy named "Andoy" (who is unfortunately not there when we visit the cave).

And everybody is excited. My mother is her first time to ride a plane as we are on our first time to visit our cousin province (long before planned). It was June 16, 2012 and we are flying to Tuguegarao. Yehey! 

Our Tito (husband of my mother's sister) fetch us at the airport. Tita was in her business boutique at that time and we have our merienda (snacks). We experience the taste of the well-known local food "pancit batil patong".
It looks delicious, right? It is indeed. If our province Batangas is known for it's "lomi" (another kind of pancit menu), Pancit Batil Patong is what Tuguegarao, Cagayan has.
While waiting for our Pancit Batil Patong
(my Uncle & Auntie, my mother, my cousin <their youngest son> and me)
We headed to Tuao (their very own place), an hour drive from Tuguegarao City. We had our lunch there, rest, sleep and of course "kumustahan" (chatting). Afterwards, we prepare ourselves for a long drive (Tuao-Tuguegarao-Sta, Ana). It is about a five-hour drive. Auntie and my mother (the sisters) were left home and Uncle and my counsin accompanied us to Sta. Ana Cagayan via Mitsubishi Montero. It was fun though tiring. We enjoy the scene during the travel (it is a rice farm almost along the way). We arrived Sta. Ana around 8:00 PM, had our dinner nearby and go for a cheap yet a good accommodation.

That was our accommodation at Jotay Resort, Centro, Sta. Ana Cagayan. Not bad.

As early as 6:00 o'clock in the morning, we had our quick breakfast. We then go to the San Vincente Port for our Island Hopping. We went to Palaui Island, Cafe EngaƱo Lighthouse, Don Hernanos Island, Crocodile Island and Anguib Beach.



Those pictures were just a few of our shots. This place is said to be undiscovered or should I say a new discovery. This is not as famous as Boracay but I will tell you this is different. Boracay is  beautiful although it is quite crowded unlike the Anguib Beach which is enjoying its natural beauty, a virgin if I may say. Anguib Beach is also known for the Boracay of the North but for me this should not be known or name after any for this has its own beauty everyone will surely long to see.

the Famous Callo Cave (similar to Batu Caves of Malaysia)

    The Miraculous Our Lady Of Piat Churh
And that was our trip to Cagayan Valley, a three-day trip, very short yet meaningful for all of us. Until next visit.